Terms & Conditions

Before you subscribe, please, make sure that you have read, understood and agree to all of the rules and conditions below.
Web site allfortheme.org (further – allfortheme.org) provides software only in condition of compliance with Rules and Conditions. If you don’t agree to the rules, please, do not use our site and leave it.
Subscribing on our site, Subscriber agree to Conditions of subscription (further – Conditions) which are written below.

Licence and DMCA

All digital goods, provided on this site, are released in accordance with the license GNU General Public License and developed by one or some of the third persons (developers).
All of this goods and any other software, presented on this site, available for you to use only in personal purposes. If you want to use software for commecial purposes you must purchase it on developer’s site.
We don’t provide any license key or trial keys when you downloading software which are nesessary for automatic updates of these software. All software presented on this site work correctly without any keys on any number of domains.
Usage of any graphic demo content of presented goods (images, icons, photos, video) for any purposes are strongly prohibited. Please, learn thoroughly conditions of licensing of the product you have bought before use it.


Subscription is a type of access to Content within the framework of the Service for certain period by fix subscription fee. Type, price and period are shown in the relevant section of the site.
Subscribing to our site, you automatically agree that there are no copyrighted materials on our website. We do not publish any files which are breaking copyrights. Any of presented products on our site are released in accordance with the license GNU General Public License.
Standards of conduct on the site
We reserve the right to moderate and edit comments if we shall consider them insulting or too aggressive. Profanity and calls to any illegal actions will be deleted immediately.
Users who will decide to ignore the Standards of conduct on the site will be blocked. Also we with sorry shall block users who will abuse access to te service. We shall see that in the statistic of usage of the site. In that case there will be no refund.

On subscription plan “Single” there is no monthly points renew and points for sharing do not increase! If you bought “Single” over other subscription plan, you have to delete “Single” after you waste the point. You can do it in you Account on “Subscription” page. After deleting “Single” your last subscription plan become active with all its benefits.

For whom was allfortheme.org created?

Allfortheme.org was created, first of all, for personal webmasters, small and medium business owners, freelancers and companies that make the site creation service. We respect them and regularly fulfill their requests.
But if you are going to use archives from our site as a means to profit (a selling, creating of file servers, clones of the site, publishing on forums themes and plugins which was downloaded from our site and so on) then you will just waste your time. If these facts found, your account will be blocked and your subscription will be canceled.
Also we also reserve the right to immediately block your account and cancel the subscription if we noticed suspicious activity on your account. We are browsing logs of 404 errors and send visitors to ban, who are trying to make requests with purpose of hack our site; we and send visitors to ban visitors who leave a comments with ads, spam, useless links and so on.
There are no refund when subscription cancelling.


Any information, presenting by user of our site, will be use only for subscription, informing about new items and solving any issues of customer service.
By registering your account on our site, you give your agreement to receive information messages by email. If you want to cancel to receive information messages you must let us know about it. We shall delete your email from mailing list within 24 hours.


We guarantee that any digital product which was downloaded from our site doesn’t contain any malicious code, viruses and ads. But we can’t give you our guarantee that items downloaded from the site will work exactly the way you want.
Payment for subscription provides by payment gateways and payment systems. After you have chosen payment type and subscription period you will be redirect to site of payment system through safe connection for entering your payment information and complete your payment. It guarantees that your datas is in safe. We don’t store your payment information.
All digital products present “as is”. We are not response for any Site damage caused by the installation of downloaded products.
All of your requests which you published on page “Suggest!” will be processed in order of priority and the price of certain products. We can’t guarantee fulfillment of orders by some reasons but we shall try to process all requests.

Condition changing

We reserve the right to change or modify these terms and conditions without prior notice. We also reserve the right to change the subscription terms on our website. We are not responsible to you or any other third party in the event of a change in subscription terms on our website.