On this page you will find the answers on the most frequantly questions. Read this FAQ before write about your problem.

Why should I download themes and plugins exactly from your site?
We publish original and clean files without advertisement, viruses and malicious code. We have only straight download links. We constantly purchase new WordPress themes and plugins and publish updates for them. On our site you find items, which are cannot be found in a free access.

Where I can read rules of your site?
You can read rues and conditions by clicking on this link.

I leave my comment but it hasn’t been published or it was deleted.
All comments are moderated. We delete spam, advertisements, enternal URLs and etc. Also we erase comments which was written about mistakes of our site after fixing them.

I didn’t find answer to my question. What should I do?
You can email us: allfortheme@gmail.com. We will answer your qustions but ONLY about functions of our site.

How to download WordPress themes and plugins from your site?
First of all you must buy a subscription plan on this page (Subscription plans). After that open the page with theme or plugin you need and download archive by pressing red button under the image.

Why should I need to buy your subscription if I can download WordPress themes and plugins from the other site for free?
Most of webmasters download for free premium WordPress themes and plugins. But they don’t even think that there can be spam code, backdoors and trojans. And this can make harm to the sites of yours.

Points. What are they for?
The fact is that user after they get a subscription always try to download all of the archives from the site. Most of users upload archives on the wares sites. Receiving their pennies or modest pluses in reputation such “people” do serious harm not only to other subscribers, but also to the authors of the product. It’s one thing when 100 people downloaded the product for familiarization and sharing, completely different thing when 10,000 – 100,000 people downloaded it for free. By the way, it can be with backdoor or virus inside. That’s why we have to limit downloads with points. Quantity of points that we give is quite enough to build site. But for self-serving purposes these points are not enough.

Is there a validity period for the points?
Yes, points have a validity period. You get 30 points after buying subscription plan. They automatically renew every first day of month. Thus, you have 30 points every month until your subscription period ends.

I spent all of my points. What should I do?
The quantity of points we give is quite enough for download till the end of month. If it is not enough, you can use social action – press the “Share” button under image on item page. You will gain 5 points. You can do it only once in a month. Note: points can not be more than 35 or 45 (it depends on your subscription plan).

Example: If you press “Share” button but you have 35 or 45 (for Gold subscription) points, a quantity of points won’t change.

On subscription plan “Single” there is no monthly points renew and points for sharing do not increase! If you bought “Single” over other subscription plan, you have to delete “Single” after you waste the point. You can do it in you Account on “Subscription” page. After deleting “Single” your last subscription plan become active with all its benefits.

Does download link have a validity period?
Download link is aviable until your subscription ends. Points do not deduct for re-download items.

I spent all of my points but ink doesn’t work or open a wrong page
Write us email and we fix this problem as quick as possible.

How offten do you update themes and plugins?
We try to keep our archives up-to-date and update them as quick as possible.

Can you guarantee that downloaded theme or plugin is without viruses and hidden ads?
You can check any of downloaded archives from our site and make sure that they are clean. We take every item only from developers.
There is a new version of theme/plugin on developer’s site but on your site is still an old one.
If you find newer version of any item on developer’s site, you can write a comment about necessity of update certain item. We’ll update it in a closest time.

When do you add the plugin/theme that I need?
As quick as possible.

Theme/plugin doesn’t update automatically. Can I update it by myself?
Most of themes/plugins from our site are provided without license keys, which are nessesary for automatic update from back-end of your site. There are 2 ways of decision:
Expect and download update from our site
Buy theme/plugin from developer and update it automatically.

Where can I take a license/activation key for theme/plugin?
We do not provide license/activation keys for themes/plugins because they link to domains. 95% of all items we provide on our site work correct without entering the keys. As a matter of fact license key is nessesary only for premium support and receiving automatic updates from developer’s site.

I downloaded theme/plugin but it doesn’t work without license key.
Some themes and plugins require activation key for import demo data, premium extentions or correct work. Write us email if it happens.
I downloaded theme/plugin but did find docs and file with demo data inside the archive.
We update some themes/plugins using Envato API. That’s why some archives contain only install files without docs and demo data. Note: before download check out the size of archive.

I’ve heard that themes and plugins which can be downloaded for free can contain advertisement, viruses, trojans, backdoors and so on.
All of the archives which you are aviable to download from allfortheme.org DON’T CONTAIN any malicious code. We publish only original themes and plugins that we take from developers sites or from themeforest.net, codecanyon.net and etc. Any archive you can check for viruses using online-scanner Wordfence or offline-scanner Aibolit.

I downloaded file from your site and found virus inside it.
We use antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security and Malwarebytes Anti-malware with up-to-date bases. Sometimes Chinese antiviruses on virustotal.com (eg. Risen or Jiangmin) can suspect clean files. It happens very often. For example, some antiviruses can suspect regular Java scripts.

Do you provide technical support or freelance services?
No, we do not any technical support.But you are free to send us your request by email and, probably, we can do something. Also we do not provide any freelance services.

I can’t install theme or plugin
Pay attantion that some archives contain documentation inside. Unpack downloaded file and you find install archive. We strongly recommend installing themes and plugins using back-end of your site. But you are free to install them via FTP.
If you can’t install theme or plugin by yourself then you should contact developers or the man who can help you.

Theme or plugin doen’t work or work with errors.
90% of all problems are due to the use of outdated versions of PHP. Make sure that you use PHP 5.6 or 7.0.
Pay attention we don’t give you a guarantee that themes or plugins will work as you want. If you need technical support or guaranties – you should buy them on developer’s site.

I downloaded theme or plugin from your site, install it and broke my own site!
We do not change files inside the archives and provide them “as is”. We are not responsible for any damage to sites caused by the installation of downloaded themes or plugins.

I didn’t find on your site theme or plugin that I need.
For this case we have special page “Suggest!” Leave there your suggestion for theme or plugin which you want to get and we publish it in the closest time.

How quick you publish themes and plugins which were suggested on “Suggest!” page?
It depends on your request. The more expensive and difficult request the more time we need to publish theme or plugin.

Where can I see my balance and download history?
You can see your balance and download history on account page.

I suspect that my account was hacked and somebody spent all of my ponts!
Cases like this we check individually. Write us email and we‘ll see what happened.

I can’t enter your site using my credentials.
Probably, your IP is in our ban-list. Here is reasons why it could happen: 1. We check out logs of 404 error and block IPs with suspicious actions, 2. We ban user who try to leave a spam in the comments, 3. We block forever users who download archives from our site and publish them on the others, 4. Our firewall searches suspicious requests and block them automatically.
Never the less, you are free to recover your password.

Is it legal to use themes and plugins downloaded from your site?
All of the themes and plugins that are provided on our site distributed under GNU license. This license means that you are free to download, use, edit and distribute files of themes and plugins.